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Who We Are?

As it is a well known fact that year after year, it is becoming hard to qualify the entrance exams for professional courses. A perfect plan and strategy, through proper guidance and channel has now become essential to pass these competitive examination. We are obsessed about guiding you and equipping you in the right perspective so that you leap into the arena of winners and to make a name for yourself in the various fields of life.

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Shri Dasmesh Academy, is a premier coaching organization, which was started in 2001. The organization is intended to acquaint students into the correct path by providing perfect coaching to achieve success in competitive as well as academic exams.

Since its inception, Shri Dasmesh Academy has been scaling heights of excellence as evidence by the symphony of ever increasing accolades of marvel, and spangles of glory bestowed upon it every year. The academy is known for its quality education, highly disciplined teaching methodology, its authenticity and transparency and above all a high level of satisfaction among its students. The institute is known for its innovative methodologies. Every year, year after year, our students successfully pave their way to leading professional courses.

Shri Dasmesh Academy is a professional organization destined to lead students into correct path of success. The organization is run by a competitive & highly qualified staff comprising of Ex-Lecturers. Our goal at Shri Dasmesh Academy is to create an environment that inspires students to recognize and explore their own potentials and build up confidence in themselves.

We at Shri Dasmesh Academy, provide extensive study material in the form of well-printed assignments prepared by our expert staff. As the students came prepared with the study material, more intense classroom sessions packed with more advanced problems, tips & shortcuts is possible.

We have also crash courses. The crash courses are basically the revision courses for entrance examinations. The course is exclusively meant for those students who have completed almost entire syllabus and are looking for a strong revision so that all loopholes in the preparations are well plugged.

We conduct coaching for all major national and state level competitive and entrance exams taking place for Medical and Engineering. We also conduct universities affiliated degree / diploma courses and prepare students for academics i.e. Class IX to Class XII (All subjects).

We make constant endeavor to raise the bar of coaching and our experienced faculty strives hard for the success of students. Shri Dasmesh Academy motivate students in a positive study environment for achieving outstanding results.